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Welcome to Crystal Ridge Distillery where our goal is to offer an experience that will leave you talking about it to all of your friends and family. Based in Hot Springs, AR our location offers endless possibilities for a truly unique venture. When you walk in, you will experience the beauty of our 1920 built building. Hand-built with state-of-the-art craftsmanship for its time, we have revitalized this structure with modern amenities while keeping in with the 1920s authenticity. From revealing the 1916 fire doors to leaving the rough cut lumber rafters exposed, every detail exudes the original architecture. Adding our own industrial twist, all elements of our distillery are highly energy-efficient providing tons of natural lighting.

Offering a family-friendly environment is what we strive for; we welcome individuals of all ages to stop in for a visit or a bite! Our full-service restaurant serves southern-style dishes that truly embrace fine southern cuisine. Thirsty? We hope so! Included with the restaurant, we house a full-service bar featuring all of our different liquor and taps that highlight Arkansas' local craft beer! And with a wide array of seating options, guests can enjoy lounging out and watching a game on, hanging out on the outdoor covered patio, or sitting down inside with the family and enjoying a wonderfully cooked meal and crafted drink. Keeping in with our family environment, we also offer full tours of our production which explain the process of how alcohol is made in our facility and the history of moonshine in Hot Springs and the United States. Of course, you can not have a tour without having a sample of our handcrafted moonshines (for those who are of age)! All products produced in our facility are available to purchase in our retail area including other Crystal Ridge apparel and merchandise.

Looking to host a private party? Book it with us! Our private party room allows guests to host a wide selection of gatherings. Whether it be your wedding, company parties, or private concerts, we have you covered! With over 3500 square feet of open floor plan that carries the same beautiful feel of our other areas, you’ll have plenty of space for even the most extravagant parties. Featuring rough-cut timber, 100-year-old exposed brick, and beautiful ambient lighting our party room is truly a magnificent sight. Once again, we want to thank everyone that has helped and supported us on this project and we hope that you come and enjoy the experience that we have worked so hard to create.

Sincerely, Crystal Ridge Distillery Staff

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Making moonshine is a process that dates back to a time when farmers could make more money from turning their corn into whiskey than selling it as grain alone. A process that is still illegal without the proper permits, we decided to bring our moonshine distillery out of the woods to the heart of Downtown Hot Springs.

Our moonshine begins with the creation of mash from finely ground corn. The corn is cooked to extract the starches. These starches will feed the yeast in our fermentation…
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Meet the team behind the distillery at Crystal Ridge! As devoted members who've worked hard to bring Southern traditions to life, we're proud to introduce the people behind the vision!

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